Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Agile Development Methodologies

Agile software development is picking up steam. You have most likely heard about eXtreme Programming (XP). What other Agile methodologies are you familiar with and what do they bring of interest or significance to the table of agility? More important, why should you learn about these different methodologies instead of simply focusing on one?

No one shoe fits all. Any methodology that requires you to follow it in totality and not let you adapt is rather dogmatic, not pragmatic. To be effective we have to take the best of different approaches and apply to our projects based on our specific needs.

Click here to listen to an awesome Podcast on Agile Development methodologies

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dw said...

I'd be interested in your views on the principles espoused on the Agile Manifesto' site; in particular,

a) are these principles you could see yourself working to;

b) if you do support this set of values, how in your view does software development best align itself with trends in Web development that are tending towards iterative development, permanent beta and constant revision of goal setting.