Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Edit in Datasheet View is not available on a List or you cannot see "Connect to Outlook" on a list

The data grid view itself comes from web components provided with Microsoft Office. This can be problematic in organizations with customized installations of Office, as they often don’t include the Windows SharePoint Services Support feature. If you can’t edit a list in grid view, go to Add/Remove Programs, change the Office installation, locate the Office Tools category and select Windows SharePoint Services Support.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

People Search does not return any results

Follow the steps below to address the problem around People Search returning no results (even though you know that there are people in the database that match your search criteria):

1) Open Shared Services Administration
2) Click on Search Settings > Content Sources and crawl schedules > Manage Content Sources
3) Select the "Local Office SharePoint Server sites" content source
4) On the "Edit Content Source" screen, Update the Textbox for "Start Addresses" to include a new entry for the URL of your site collection name starting with "sps3://". For example, "sps3://intranet:80"
5) Select the checkbox "Start full crawl of this content source" and Click "Ok"
6) Wait till the indexing finishes. (You can check the status of indexing by accessing this area - "Shared Services Administration: SharedServices > Search Settings > Configure Search Settings"
7) Goto your site collection (for example http://intranet:80) and perform your people search to find results