Thursday, December 29, 2016

Tried creating a new variation label source site and got an error (with correlation id) when trying to access "Variation Labels" under Site Settings

OK! This one is a very strange error that  I encountered while setting up Translation sites in Office 365. While setting up a new source Translation Label site, the site was successfully provisioned but when I tried to access "Variation Labels" under Site Settings - got an Error page with correlation ID.

Upon further digging around, I found the culprit, a hidden library called "Variation Labels" where one of the columns "Title" should actually have a display name of "Label" but instead was still called "Title". If you enabled Publishing Feature on your Site Collection or created a Publishing Site you should be able to navigate to this library using  a URL like https://<your site collection URL>//Variation%20Labels/ - once you are in this library, click on Library Settings and ensure the Display Name of the "Title" column is "Label" (if not click on the column name and update the display name). Basically the different columns in this library should look like below:

Now try accessing "Variation Labels" under Site Settings and VOILA! there will be no exception and you will be able to see your variation label source site listed there.


Kabir Sánchez said...

Thank you very works great!

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