Saturday, April 21, 2007

Toggle of Anonymous access fixed for MOSS 2007 sites

And I only had to do it at the site collection level (site settings -> advanced permissions) and NOT the web application (central admin -> application management -> authentication provider) level

What I did :

Make sure the viewformpageslockdown feature is enabled on the site
Navigate to the top level site collection’s root web Site Settings
Click the Advanced permissions link under the Users and Permissions section
Now under the settings menu, select anonymous access
Set Anonymous users can access to Nothing

Then step through the process again and re-enable anonymous access by setting anonymous access to Entire Web site.

And it works !!!

So now (for illustration only as link is not active) returns a 401 UNAUTHORIZED and the website is now secured as it should be.

And all it required was a toggle of anonymous access for the viewformpageslockdown feature to kick-in.


Yehiel said...

If I have Publishing web under Publishing site, anonymous works great for father (site) and still brings auth dialog for son (web). For other templates, like Team, it works without issues.Breaking the inheritance and explicit defining of anonymous access on son site doesn't help.

Anonymous said...

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